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Dear Attorney Haynes-Nwofia:

I would like to thank you for your services as my attorney. You have proven through the years, and confirmed to me through your service, that you are and will remain the only Attorney that I will be calling on for legal services.
“I would highly recommend you as an experienced lawyer and aggressive litigator.”
For me personally, and on behalf of my associates, your performance and results have always been nothing less than stellar.
Your intense focus to understand the issues relevant to my needs and provide good legal advice has been an invaluable resource to me.  You exhibits a court presence that in my limited experience always left me dazzled and deeply impressed.
Attorney Haynes-Nwofia, you have represented me for over 3 years and I am extremely pleased with all the work you have done for me.

You have an innate ability to litigate and has made some of the opposition’s witnesses our best evidence.  It is a pleasure to see you work your craft.
“I must say you were a blessing throughout the process and I would very highly recommend you to anyone in need of a professional such as yourself.”